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REVIEWS FOR “WILD ABOUT HARRY” (FORMERLY “AMERICAN PRIMITIVE”- click on quote to read entire article)

American Primitive is the ‘why’ that drove early activists like Harvey Milk and the Stonewall demonstrators to demand equality. It’s a fim about the struggle to redefine a peaceful, safe home against hatred, misunderstanding and family law at the time when homosexuality was classified as mental illness.

Set in 1973, this indie gem personalizes the mistrust, alienation, and prejudice that same-sex families still fight against today”    —THE HUFFINGTON POST


“American Primitive is a beautifully crafted, character driven film inspired by true events…’Harry’ flawlessly played by Tate Donovan…featuring a brilliant cast, that includes teen favorite Josh Peck, Susan Anspach…this is a powerful, vibrant film…”           —THE BOTTOM LINE


“With powerful performances that are alternately comic and moving, American Primitive underscores the complex emotions surrounding an issue that was once shrouded in silence and shame”       —SEATTLE.BSIDE


Director Gwen Wynne brings a novel perspective to her feature film debut…the byplay between the two sisters (Danielle Savre, Skye McCole Bartusiak) is a fresh and funny. (Josh) Peck brings a lot of energy and heart to his portrayal.”   —HOLLYWOOD REPORTER


With stars like Tate Donovan (Damages) and Adam Pascal (Rent), not to mention a surprisingly adept dramatic turn from Stacey Dash (Clueless), American Primitive is certain to be a popular film and a likely candidate for a theatrical distribution…film’s real standout is 20 year old star Danielle Savre, who should find more film work in her future.”    —THE ADVOCATE