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It is the Fall of 1973 and 16 year old Madeline (Danielle Savre) and her 14 year old sister Daisy (Skye McCole Bartusiak) move with their recently widowed father Harry (Tate Donovan) to Cape Cod. Everything seems fabulous in this idyllic beach community until one night Madeline and her high school friends (Josh Peck, Corey Sevier, Johanna Braddy) sneak out to an underground disco where they see something that will change their lives forever.

As  Harry’s family struggles to stay together, they must confront the times’ mores, values, and ideas of sex, identity, and the modern family — topics that seemed to be on the tip of everyone’s tongue in the early 70s and are still relevant today. Based on writer/director Gwen Wynne’s life, “Wild About Harry,” in the tradition of “Juno,” plants two teenagers firmly in the midst of events that on the surface seem overwhelming, but in the end, take you on an unexpected journey of life, love and ultimately, joy.

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